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Before you book your session

Your Whole Body Cryotherapy Session will consist of entering a chamber that will cool to sub zero temperatures. Each session is closely monitored for your safety and maximum benefit of your session.

As a precaution, please be ready to enter the chamber with dry skin( a little perspiration is ok). Your body should be free of heavy applications of lotions or oils (think, able to slick off with your hand). 

All clothing except undergarments are removed. During your session you will be provided with and wear:

  • a robe (removed upon entering the chamber)

  • thermal socks

  • thermal booties

  • gloves


​A standard session is 3 minutes long. Feel free to bring headphones or request silence during your cryo session.


We hope to provide you with a wonderful experience. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your appointment feel free to call or email us.

Float Therapy

Before your float

  • Take a shower with shampoo and body wash (avoid the conditioner)

  • Put in ear plugs and remove contacts if needed

  • Apply vaseline to any cuts or scrapes.


  • Step into your tank or chamber, come to a seated position and then carefully lay down. Find a comfortable position and try to relax. 


  • Let go and let the water fully support you. Be patient with this relaxation process. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to let go, sometimes, the full hour.

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